Here is the website for the CPM program: http://www.cpm.org/

This will allow you to get homework help, has student resources, and parent support.  You can also access the textbook online through this site by going to the student resources page and selecting Course Connections, Course 3 or Algebra from the drop-down arrow.

On-Line Textbook (ebook): In order to access the online textbook, a student will have to enroll using the appropriate code.  To enroll, go to ebooks.cpm.org.  The student will need to click on enroll and enroll using the following PINS.  Please make sure you are using the correct PIN and a student may have to create a username.

Algebra 2nd and 7th Periods: 

Enrollment Pin: HTKJT


Grade 8 Math 3rd, 5th, and 8th Periods:

Enrollment Pin: MLF5K